Arina Dähnick 2017 Foto: Jörg Pitschmann
Arina Dähnick 2017 Foto: Jörg Pitschmann

         Curriculum Vitae ARINA DÄHNICK

  • Born 1965 in Krefeld, Germany, raised in Hamburg
  • Taken under the wing by her grandmother who was one of the first women who studied fine art in the 1920s in Germany.
  • However, it was her father who introduced her into photography.
  • Started painting and drawing under guidance at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. Continued to take photographs at school with like-minded young people; from 1974 started developing b/w pictures at her own photo darkroom.
  • First professional photo (sales9 exhibition at school on account of an excursion to Venice and Padua at the age of 17
  • The next exhibition followed in 1984. Commissioned by the Night School in Ha,mburg Arina Dähnick photographed a production in cooperation with the Hamburger Staatsoper.
  • After graduating from Grammar School, Arina Dähnick studied painting and drawing with Werner Sommer and Heidi Boyes-Pulley in Hamburg.
  • Intership at the photo agency `Transglobe` in Hamburg in order to prepare for becoming a professional photographer.
  • In 1986 the decision was taken not having to live, to exist off the art... Moving to Berlin to search for meaning.
  • Opening of her own practice for psychotherapy in 1995


Two women with a great influence on my art

Irene Wegemund, my grandmother. And she was one of the first female fine art students in the 1920s in Germany.

Heidi Pulley-Boyes, 1985 in Hamburg

She taught me in drawing, perspective... and most of all in viewing.