• Tugendhat House Brno, Czech Republic
  • Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona
  • Caixa Forum, Barcelona
  • Guardini Galerie, Berlin


  • Tugendhat House Brno, Czech Republic - moved to 2021 -
  • Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona  - moved to 2021 -


  • Rangefinder Gallery Chicago
  • Atlier André Kirchner Berlin
  • Farnsworth House Gallery Plano, Illinois
  • Goethe Institut Chicago
  • Crown Hall IIT Architecture Chicago


  • Leica Gallery Reyer Salzburg
  • Magdalenenkapelle Hannover
  • Hahnemühle UK presentation at the exhibition in Birmingham
  • Hahnemühle DE presentation at the exhibition Photokina Cologne


  • rpiLoccum


  • ART+ Galerie Jens Stühmeier Minden
  • Kunst im Turm Wunstorf


  • Kunstscheune Steinhude
  • Info-Galerie at The international Obernkirchen Sculptor Symposium
  • group exhibition at the German congress for Transactional Analysis in Augsburg


  • Präsentation of the portfolio on the LEICA blog


´Arina is an inspired photographer who brings new meaning to the buildings she captures with her Leica rangefinder camera. Her The MIES Project (Edition Cantz, 2019) Is a must have catalog.´

Michelangelo Sabatino, PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology, IIT Architecture Chicago


`Arina possesses a passion for observing the world in a unique and inspiring way through her interpretive photography. Her skill at capturing perspectives that others might pass by unnoticed has created a collection of work that goes beyond simple architectural photography. Arina has perfected the capture of reflection and transparency simultaneously, offering the viewer a new visual interpretation of her subject. I see the world of architecture differently through her eye (and lens).`

Robert Theel, FAIA, Chief Architect - Great Lakes Region (GSA) Chicago, Illinois, United States Chief Architect - Great Lakes Region (GSA)

`Arina’s photographs inspire contemplation and evoke a sense of calm. They far exceed documentary expectations by capturing moments and views not typically recorded. The way she blends architecture and nature in one quiet shot, either through reflection or shadow, gives her work an unparalleled spiritual quality.` Sarah Welcome, Content & Curatorial Assistant at Farnsworth House, a National Trust for Historic Preservation Historic Site


`Arinas creativity, unique perspective and experience makes here work and especially the photography element super inspiring. The amazing conversations with Arina and her work brought my personal image capture capabilities to the next level (and I got a great advise for my next top-quality digital camera, … !). Arina is recognized as an international icon, very famous regarding the MIES Projekt and modern, urban architectural Photography. I personal admire here clear, clean, classy, and structured approach and will attempt to enhance my personal photography skills with the learnings I got from her. During here time here in our Headquarter, Arina provided very important feedback to our product management team about what a photographer like here expects from a quality perspective and future products. We’ll continue to push for maximum excellence and innovation and are looking forward continuing our joint journey of excellence. Pleasure working with you and please continue to inspire us with your fantastic work! All the best`  Jan Wölfle – CEO Hahnemühle Group