Poster of the exhibition at Villa Tugendhat March - Mai 2020

Poster of the first two exhibitions of:

`Architectural Portraits. The MIES Project` in Berlin and Chicago


Opening speech at `Atelier André Kirchner Berlin`




















Exhibition at Leica/ Reyer in Salzburg runs from August till Dezember2018 shows the project Perfect Life

rpi Loccum is a very special, spiritual, important place for the 

Evangelical Church in Germany.


Grateful for this invitation! 


This exhibtion took place at the ` Stadtkirche Bartholomaei ` which was built in 1130.

Once a year the doors are opened for ART.

I have been invited into the tower to show my recent project

`Contemporary Architecture Barcelona`

Images of the Vernissage made by @Manfred Schlewitz, Photographer, Hannover

The exhibition will start on on 17. March 2016

I am very proud to be the first photographer, who is invited

to the `Galerie +ART Jens Stühmeier` in Minden.


Together with the painter Alf Reinhold we show the very fine bortderline between painting and photography.

It is similar and it is not.