Arina Dähnick. Fotografie


Federal Center 1 from The MIES Project

Federal Center 1 from <em>The MIES Project</em>

The complex of three public buildings in Chicago, the Federal Center, is connected by a wide plaza. This space between the buildings is like a building in its own right, a very special space and not an empty square to be merely bridged. That’s how much I enjoyed spending time there with my camera... Wonderfully placed, simultaneously shining out and blending in, stands The Flamingo designed by Alexander Calder.

On Baryta FB 350 Digital FineArt Paper by Hahnemühle
Printed by certified photo labs in Chicago/USA and Germany/Berlin

50 x 70 cm; incl. printed passepartout; limited Edition of 8; 2450 Euro
90 x 130 cm; incl. printed passepartout; limited Editon of 6; 3650 Euro


Preview Print by Arina Dähnick
With the Preview Print by Arina Dähnick we want to give you the opportunity to preview, try out, lay, put and set the photo of your choice in a small but vivid format—A5—in your rooms. The protection price of 10 Euro will be credited to you with the purchase of an edition picture. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the website.