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Catalogue 2016

My way of photographing

Equipped with only one or two rangefinder cameras, I let myself drift, looking for the moment when the focus switchs from external reality to internal vision.


I seek out particular places and I like to stay close to the buildings that I take pictures of.


Everything else is determined by the light, the time of the day, the season and the mood I want to convey on that particular day.


Images just come to me- or they don`t. So when this happened I follow my photographic intuition that I always rely on when composing a photo.


At the same time, I proceed in a very systematic way by varying exposure time, aperture size, focus, viewing angle and distance.


This is extremely important when shooting reflections, as the different layers of the subject overlap in the final picture and this is what makes this photographic interaction so sensitive.


With respect to the digital negatives that my camera delivers, I do what I have been doing ever since I started my photographic career in the 1980s (in those days I worked exclusively in black/ white). -

by developing my photos myself!

I reject any kind of manipulation or staging that goes beyond simple photo development. Nothing is taken away, nothing added. The final image shows the subject exactly how I captured it in

my reality seen through my photographic eye