Katalog 2016
Katalog 2016

Perfect Life

Perfect Life is a more a question than a statement.

With the ever changing and rapid technological progress, computers and robots become more

and more similar to us as human beings. It is possible to enter a virtual world,

which seems to be so similar to the surrounding, we are used to idetify as ours, as home... 


We are in the midst of a process of assimilation and competition.


Mannequins in the display windows seem to have emotions, relationships and communication.

I am fascinated by the dialogue which arises between the inanimated objects before and behind the glass,

the transparent wall... I am following the fascination of beauty, aesthetics and the question in the Background: What makes us human?



When I take photographs of a building, in a way I have to fall in love with it.

This process is out of my control.

Then I follow the building through different daytimes, seasons and events

with it`s special light, structure and colour.


I go deep and deeper looking for the abstraction, the transcendent fullness inside and outside.

In the interplay between the structure of a building and the place, the people around it.

It is real and it is not... reality seen through the eye of my camera.  

The MIES Project

The MIES Project started in 2012 by chance, when my camera and me passed by the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin on a sunny afternoon after a thunderstorm.

I was fascinated by the interplay between the construction of the building and the light. It was like a dance inviting me directly for photography. This spirit remained constantly during the next years. I followed the building until it was closed for restoration at the beginning of 2015.


In March 2015 I visited for the first time the Barcelona Pavillon. I returned in June, November and March 2016.

In October 2016 I visited the Seagram Building. In 2017 I came for the first time to the Villa Tugendhat in the Czech Republic. My last Station will be Chicago in October 2017.


As being an Artist, I am focused, guided by the interplay bewtween a building as it was intended originally and the Impact on me. on others... The way I photograph follows this inner Status, it is a reaction on this.


A security man working at the Seagram Building in New York said a sentence which might be an example

for many others I asked: `To work here rises up my mind every day.`


Living with MIES

Living with MIES started during my stay in Chicago in 2017. I came to Chicago for the follow up of

`The MIES Project`, I was really suprised by the warm hospitality of the people who live in

`The Esplande Apartments`, by their interesting ways, to bring space to life,

the relation between the inside and the outside ...

My intention is to show the ensembles`s journey through the art of interpretation,

whilst maintaining the unique, everlasting style of buildings planned,

constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. 


Contemporary Architecture Barcelona


The Project Contemporary Architecture Barcelona started in 2015. A young man saw my catalogue and he said in a very special way `You have to see the Museu Blau`. Often people tell me to photograph something. Mostly I don`t follow, but sometimes my intution knows `What a good idea` . Right away, on the same day, I went to the Museu Blau, fascinated by its beauty.

The Parc del Forum is located on the waterfront at the northernmost end of the City.

It was built for `Universal Forum of Cultures` in 2004. The large area brings together a series of spaces.

Nowadays the `Museu de Ciéncies Naturals`, also called the Museu Blau.


On several levels all sorts of commercial acitivity are presented. I visited the Encants Nous the day after St.Joan in the very early morning. Almost nobody was neither there nor on the streets.

It was a perfect sky and I visited it several times on this day in June 2016... 

Different artistic and educational events take place in the Center for Contemporary Culture CCCB.

The great interior screen wall is reflecting as a kind of a mirror the convent, the old houses around it.

The new and the old is so close, directly in touch, I was and still are fascinated.