Willkommen | Welcome

The fascination of modern, urban life is guiding me...

This is what inspires my photographic art.


Reflections convey this idea through a variety of levels preception, with large areas of out-of-focus

areas in combination with specific areas of sharpness, throwing our perception into disorder.

My abstract images often work the other side around or upside down- it is in the eye of the beholder...


The structure of the photos represents the backdrop for the image information.


In the past, the question was how to obtain information.

Nowadays, the proper structuring of information is what matters, what is needed.

What is the actual meaning of `modern times`?

Inspired by the spiritual, emotional and, above all, artistic approach of artists from the

previous century, I try to adress this question `ANDERS SEHEN - TAKING A DIFFERENT VIEW`


Thank you your interest!

Arina Dähnick

Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin 2015 © Arina Dähnick
Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin 2015 © Arina Dähnick