Arina Dähnick. Fotografie


Encounter from Perfect Life
New York City

Encounter from <em>Perfect Life</em>

First, there was this man behind the glass, looking so attentive, but also arrogant, almost contemptuous in any case critical. Also fascinatingly intense in the reflection. Next to it the loud laughing face, also not necessarily to rejoice, but pulling in... Both had a strong effect on me... I was curious how it would go to others with it and positioned me ready with my camera in about 30m distance. It ended up being a series of 9 images. This one was my choice. This one was my choice. Everything else I would like to leave to you, your imagination, your thoughts and ideas

On Hahnemühle Paper. It is covered with a thin glass film and and laminated on aluminum dibond. Printed by certified photo labs in Chicago/USA and Germany/Berlin

90 x 112 cm; incl. printed passepartout; limited Edition of 8; 3650 Euro


Preview Print by Arina Dähnick
With the Preview Print by Arina Dähnick we want to give you the opportunity to preview, try out, lay, put and set the photo of your choice in a small but vivid format—A5—in your rooms. The protection price of 10 Euro will be credited to you with the purchase of an edition picture. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the website.